The England Rugby Chronicle (or ERC) is designed to provide a detailed history of the representative career of every man who played for an adult England Rugby Union team between 1st January 1969 and 31st July 2010 respectively.

Why 1969 in particular? That was the year which saw the first injury replacements for cap international matches in the Northern Hemisphere, a first cap for the brilliant David Duckham, the first ever appointment of an England coach and English television’s permanent switch over to a colour signal. Thus 1969 was arguably a pivotal year for English rugby in that it laid the first foundations towards the modern game we are familiar with today.

The ERC is completely unique in that it has ALL the results and info from ALL the 1000 plus England rugby union representative games played between 1969 and 2010, presented in one series of books. These books fully cover England, England XV, England B / England A / England Saxons, England Emerging Players / Emerging England, England U25 / England U23 / England U21 / England U20, English Students / England Students / Combined England Students / England Students U21, England Sevens / England VII / Young England and the Rest of England / England Rugby Partnership / English National Divisions XV / England Counties. In addition EVERY British Lions game in this period will be included, plus relevant matches played by the invitational Barbarians, Penguins, Public School Wanderers, Anti-Assassins, Samurai, Irish Wolfhounds, Crawshay's Welsh, Co-Optimists, Welsh Academicals, Saltires, French Barbarians, Zebre, South African Barbarians and Australian Barbarians teams. In addition the England & Wales XV, Oxbridge XV, World XV, Five Nations XV, British Isles Students Select, FNB International XV, Four Home Unions XV, UK Students, Premiership All Stars, Great Britain 7s, British Students, Help for Heroes XV and XV Europe are examples of a number of other combined teams or squads which are also included because they contained at least one man who had played for an adult England Rugby Union representative team between 1st January 1969 and 31st July 2010. Finally there will be notes and comments on the VAST MAJORITY of the matches listed above!

The ERC aims to provide the following comprehensive details about each individual game from the viewpoint of the team containing an English player:
  1. The reason for the game
  2. The venue where the game was played
  3. The management and/or coaching staff for the team
  4. The final score
  5. The team that took the field
  6. The replacements bench
  7. The scorers
  8. Details of other players included in the squad
  9. Any notable rule or scoring value changes
  10. Reasons for cancelled games
  11. Kick-off times
  12. Any players unavailable due to illness, injury, family, work or other rugby commitments
  13. Notable appearances by players in preliminary England Trial matches
  14. Any nationality changes for English players
  15. Footnote details of England Schools 19 Group / 18 Group, England Colts, England U19 / U18 matches
  16. Footnote details of any other invitational matches that do not merit a mention in the main body of the text
  17. Footnote details of other English or foreign invitational teams
  18. Any extreme weather conditions
  19. Any notable scores, incidents, injuries or contentious moments
  20. Periodic score updates, including half-time, midway through the first half and midway through the second half, with special emphasis on the first and last five minutes of a 15-a-side match and the first and last three minutes of a 7-a-side match
  21. Tournament results for the 5 Nations / 6 Nations Championship (including 'A', U20 and Students level), which are given in full from 1st January 1969 to 31st July 2010
  22. Annual standings for the IRB World Sevens Series, which are given in full
  23. Other tournaments and competitions give the finishing position of the team containing an English player  

This information is split into four [or five] sections within each book. In this way the reader has a choice in that he or she can peruse as little or as much data as personally required. The first two sections [Match Results] are concerned with what actually happened, whereas the third and fourth sections [Match Notes] detail how and indeed why these results occurred. Both Volume Three and the Integrated version contain a fifth section [Records] which ties the first four sections together by providing a statistical analysis of literally who did what during the entire period from 1st January 1969 to 31st July 2010.

The ERC is an ongoing process and the author is always searching for further off-air footage of televised matches. If you can assist with this please e-mail the publishers at andrew.shurmer@englandrugbychronicle.com, but also please note that obviously no financial remuneration can be offered re. any such off-air footage due to copyright issues. For further information on all book formats, please go to the Formats page. To order the limited first edition paperback and/or PDF eBook please go to the webshop on the Store page.

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