The England Rugby Chronicle (or ERC) is designed to provide a detailed history of the representative career of every man who played for an adult England Rugby Union team between 1st January 1969 and 31st July 2010 respectively.

The ERC was initially envisaged as a series of three books:

  1. Volume One, for the period between 1st January 1969 and 4th August 1990
  2. Volume Two, for the period between 5th August 1990 and 31st July 2000
  3. Volume Three, for the period between 1st August 2000 and 31st July 2010

There is now also a special Integrated version, covering the entire period between 1st January 1969 and 31st July 2010. This is only available as an electronic book [also known as an eBook]. 

The ERC is now available in four formats:

  1. A limited first edition paperback [printed in landscape format] available direct from this website, or a revised second edition paperback [printed in portrait] available from both Amazon and Createspace
  2. An eBook [rendered in landscape], formatted as a PDF for Adobe Acrobat 5.0 and later, which can be downloaded exclusively from this website
  3. An eBook formatted as a mobi/AZW for the Kindle eReader, available from Amazon
  4. An eBook formatted as an ePub for other devices such as the iPhone, iPad, iPod, Nook, Kobo, touch and Mac, available from Smashwords, iTunes, Barnes & Noble and Kobo

For further details on the ERC, please go the Details page. For further information on all book formats, please go to the Formats page. To order the limited first edition paperback and/or PDF eBook please go to the webshop on the Store page.

A hardback, printed in landscape with a white dust jacket, may be produced at some point in the future if the demand materialises. Please e-mail the publishers at andrew.shurmer@englandrugbychronicle.com for further information.

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